Take the Gig, But Lose the Content?

Parties, events, and weddings are the lifeblood of working musicians. It’s money in the hand, as opposed to what might come out of royalties down the road. This incentive is what led a client to reach out to me recently; he had a great gig booked, was looking forward to it…and then the contract came. […] Read More

Get It In Writing!

Sometimes, in the heat of a new project or business opportunity, slowing down to make a written agreement seems boring, unnecessary, and even adversarial. When everything is going well, the parties can feel that reducing it to writing means they don’t trust each other. But an interesting, recent case illustrates exactly how important it is […] Read More

Trump’s Confidentiality and Non-Disparagement Agreement Is Not Terrific. Believe Me.

Recently Buzzfeed News published a reprint of part of a non-disclosure/non-disparagement agreement between Donald Trump’s campaign and anyone who works or volunteers for it — and it made me wonder just how enforceable it is. Under New York law, it’s pretty difficult to avoid a prohibition against sharing confidential information. The courts generally support the notion […] Read More

Leaving Your Job to Start Your Own Shop?

{4:48 minutes to read} It’s exciting to find yourself in a place where you can start your own business—exciting and frightening. But, if you’re leaving a place of employment to start your own shop, it’s very important to be sure that your present employer is not inadvertently going to own a piece of the work that […] Read More

The Top 5 Provisions That Should Be in Your Contract Agreement

When we negotiate contracts with large corporations on behalf of computer programmers, app developers, and website developers, it’s like playing chess with someone who’s very good at the game—you have to assume that everything you write is going to be considered carefully. You’re not going to squeeze something by a big company; it has experienced, […] Read More