Before I Pay You for Copyright Infringement… Who Are You, Anyway?

Readers of my blog know that I’m generally in favor of enforcing copyright. If you’ve got the goods on someone and those are your rights, you should be entitled to collect for it — or at least stop it. Likewise, if you’ve been called out for infringing, the right thing to do is usually to […] Read More

Creative Team Behind Broadway’s Jersey Boys Hit with Copyright Infringement

Big girls may not cry, but the creative team behind the smash Broadway musical Jersey Boys might be doing just that. On November 28, a jury in Nevada federal court found that the musical’s creators were guilty of copyright infringement—to the tune of 10% of the show’s profits. Jersey Boys centers around the life and […] Read More

Which Came First, the Registration or the Infringement?

Filing for copyright registration is extremely important for a number of reasons. Most people already know that they cannot sue for infringement until after registration. What they might not realize is that they are not entitled to statutory damages or attorney’s fees for any infringement that occurs prior to registration. This distinction should not be […] Read More